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Suzanne Louise Martin – In Sickness and in Wealth

Suzanne Louise Martin – (not to be confused with the famous USA media producer ‘Suzanne Martin’, even though ‘Suzanne Louise Martin’ claims to be a film maker, and journalist (but no evidence of her creations exists)) as is widely known, is in fact a convicted drug trafficker, who served prison time for her crimes, and is a serial ‘con artist’.

She tries to blackmail and extort money from her victims, but when she (often) loses in court, it comes out that while she has been ‘working’, she has in fact also been claiming social security benefits for most of her life off the UK Government.

She often even admits this fact in official bailiff and court documents, saying she is ’suicidal’ if the authorities get too close to finding out her real status, or if debts are to be paid by her.

Our investigators have found the following evidence –

Currently she lives in her boyfriend’s (Nicholas John Trulocke – who is also possibly using a false name to avoid detection by third parties) house in R…