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Suzanne Louise Martin – In Sickness and in Wealth

Suzanne Louise Martin – (not to be confused with the famous USA media producer ‘Suzanne Martin’, even though ‘Suzanne Louise Martin’ claims to be a film maker, and journalist (but no evidence of her creations exists)) as is widely known, is in fact a convicted drug trafficker, who served prison time for her crimes, and is a serial ‘con artist’.

She tries to blackmail and extort money from her victims, but when she (often) loses in court, it comes out that while she has been ‘working’, she has in fact also been claiming social security benefits for most of her life off the UK Government.

She often even admits this fact in official bailiff and court documents, saying she is ’suicidal’ if the authorities get too close to finding out her real status, or if debts are to be paid by her.

Our investigators have found the following evidence –

Currently she lives in her boyfriend’s (Nicholas John Trulocke – who is also possibly using a false name to avoid detection by third parties) house in R…
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The Sunday Club

‘The Sunday Club’ is a group of shady, shadowy figures, with a strong bond, and common interest in mostly younger women. This group has been in existence for many years and still meets to this day in one guise or another.
Following the public aftermath of sexual abuse scandals, and investigations by police forces such as the one named – As well as Operation Hydrant, Operation Span, Operation Clover and Operation Ravine. These investigations have also uncovered other people of interest, and groups of these individuals to the authorities and the media. One such group is one known unofficially as ‘The Sunday Club’. Hosted in both private and public venues, from homes of individuals of the group, through to private gentleman’s clubs within mostly the London area. (For people not aware private gentleman’s clubs have meeting rooms, and dining rooms where privacy can be assured for the hiring members, and they will not be bothered by staff of the b…

Ronnie Biggs

The Great Train Robber and close friend of David Levy
From Wikipedia: Ronald Arthur "Ronnie" Biggs (8 August 1929 – 18 December 2013) was an English thief, known for his role in the Great Train Robbery of 1963, for his escape from prison in 1965, for living as a fugitive for 36 years and for his various publicity stunts while in exile.

Biggs, who needed money to fund a deposit on the purchase of a house for his family, happened to be working on the house of a train driver who was about to retire. The driver has been variously identified as "Stan Agate", or because of his age, "Old Pete" or "Pop". His real name is unknown, since he was never caught. However, he was the one who introduced Biggs to the train robbery plot. Reynolds gave Biggs the job of arranging for Agate to move the train after it had been waylaid.

On the night of the hold up, Biggs told his wife he was off logging with Reynolds in Wiltshire. The gang then stopped the mail train fr…

Suzanne Martin

Born 14th June 1967, Suzanne Louise Martin is the current director and MD of Retro Computers Ltd – they have had over half a million pounds of backers money for the creation and delivery of the ZX Vega Plus console, via Indiegogo, but have delivered nothing but lies in over a year and a half. They also seem to have publicly disappeared also.September 2017 Update – The current rumour circulating in various groups, is that online pressure groups promoting the truth, have hacked various email accounts/servers, and are also being ‘helped’ by former police officers themselves frustrated at Martin slipping through their hands many times. It is said that they are supporting backers of the ZX Vega Plus fiasco by hosting backer blogs and videos which Martin had tried to get removed from the internet. It was confirmed by several parties that David Levy and Suzanne Martin managed to get a police officer with the surname of ‘Levy’ to request the removal of much of this material. In the past few …